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A magical world of dragons, demons, wizards, warriors, and one damsel definitely not in distress... 


The Argentia Dasani Adventures

The Shadow Gate Trilogy


In her swashbuckling debut, Argentia rides out to rescue Princess Solsta from the clutches of a vampire. What should be a simple mission instead opens the door to an ancient prophecy that could culminate in a demon apocalypse....  

The Reaches of Vengeance Duology


From the alleys of Argo to the Jungle of Za; from the Wastes of Yth to the Ice Reaches of Frijd, Argentia races to save her butler (and the world) and deny her arch enemy Togril Vloth his revenge... 

The Tokens of Power Trilogy


A magic mirror. A diamond that steals souls. A medallion that summons demons. A lamp that contains an unspeakable horror. The tokens of power are arrayed against Argentia, and even she may not be able to survive them...

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